Christ Church @Home
During this ongoing season of confinement, we have launched Christ Church @ Home (, our online portal for worship resources. On this page, you will find our current schedule and documents for online worship services as well as links to other important resources. Please contact the Church Office if you have any questions or need anything.

Sunday, September 26 (Fourth Sunday of Creationtide), Streamed Service at 10:30am UPDATES ON SERVICES
We are currently having an in-person Book of Common Prayer service at 9.00am and and in-person and live-streaming our 10.30am service from the church on Facebook Live and Zoom. The 6pm in-person service is on hiatus in July and August. Please note: Morning Prayer on Tuesdays (8.30am) is being held in the church building. Evening Prayer on Tuesdays and Thursdays (at 6.15pm) is being held online using our Zoom Services link. The Wednesday said Eucharist (9.30am) is meeting in person. Participating in services in the church does require conforming to local guidelines regarding masks, distancing, and other COVID-19 restrictions.

Here you will find everything you need to participate in an online services, from the Zoom application and our live-streaming links to the liturgical sources and hymnal we use.