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Blog #72: Cafe Harvest - Gemütlich, Tasty, and Totally Vegan

June 2nd, 2022
Monika Weber-Fahr
Six weeks and five blogs ago, we published our first restaurant review - here, on the LivingLight Blog. The review featured a somewhat unusual 2nd district restaurant with good vegetarian and vegan options - Blog #67: Kiss, the Cook.  At the time, several people wrote to me, suggesting that we stick with the idea of making such reviews a series, and so today I’d like to invite you to join me on a quick visit at Cafe Harvest.

Picture: Facebook page of Café Harvest - worthwhile checking in from time to time. Source: Facebook.

Café Harvest is well worth not just a visit - but to actually spend time there, to hang out, as my kids would say, to chillax. Located in the 2nd district, right off Taborstrasse, on Karmeliterplatz (not Karmelitermarkt), Café Harvest was conceived to be a bit of an Oasis in the middle of its visitors’ hectic days, and certainly in my view, they achieved this mission. There is a little colorful Schanigarten outside, but the real atmospheric bliss appears only when coming inside where two cosy rooms are filled with an eclectic mix of easy chairs and sofas, pictures, side boards, and so on. The Americans would probably speak about shabby chic - but my sense is that someone simply walked across a bunch of flea markets and got inspired.  As a result, Café Harvest looks somewhat different from the regular Viennese Coffeehouse, but don't be fooled: In terms of the key characteristics of a Viennese Coffeehouse, they have it all - free magazines and newspapers, and a long list of different coffee (and tea) options for you to choose from.