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Blog #69: Depo Days and the Green World Tour - the Weekend in Vienna

May 5, 2022
Monika Weber-Fahr
Spring is finally here, and most of you are surely planning to spend at least part of the weekend in the outdoors - in or outside of Vienna.  Nevertheless you might want to consider including two activities in your schedule that may involve more than a walk in nature: The Vienna Depo Days and the Green World Tour. What are they?
The Depo Days run from 10 am till 8pm (on Sunday: 7pm) and take place at the Deponie Rautenweg in the 22nd district, Vienna’s only municipal landfill and Austria’s largest. Why spend a gorgeous spring day at a landfill?  Easy: Because there you will find activities offered that will be fun, insightful, and you will walk away inspired!  Vienna’s notoriously popular (no joke!) waste management team - the “48ers” - have put together a program designed to both entertain and offer great opportunities for learning.  You can get a tour - across what seems to be one of the most professionally managed landfills (no smells promised) - both in a mini-train or with a guide that will actually explain what’s going on there.  The tours include a visit with the landfill goats. Yes, you read it right, MA48 deploys goats - mostly to have them graze the large green areas, but also as a contribution to biodiversity protection since the specific kind - Pinzgauer Ziegen - had been endangered for some time. When you visit, you will find that the landfill offers a home to live to many plants and animals including the crested lark, a protected species. Finally, you might get the opportunity to visit the Escape Rooms in the House of Mist, essentially a mini-tour full of riddles to solve, and you can check out all the vehicles that the 48ers use, both historic and modern.  On top of all of this, there is of course music and Austrian street food, so go - check it out - it all takes place on Rautenweg 83!

Picture: The Landfill Rautenweg is not only a model of modern waste management methods but also hosts interesting flora and fauna - including Goats that have found a safe place to live. This weekend you can visit the Landfill, get a tour, learn something new - AND visit the goats ;-). 

In the meantime, the Green World Tour takes place at the campus of Vienna University, Spitalgasse 2 - Hof 2, in the 9th district. Essentially, this is a fair combining fun with insight - open on Saturday and Sunday from 11am til 6pm - offering talks and exhibits to topics ranging from food and nutrition through design&fashion, innovation & science, construation, finance & insurance, housing & leisure, education & career, electricity & heating, mobility & logistics, and finally, entrepreneurship and corporate responsibility.  Given what you all can learn about, the event is not for free - you can get tickets online and on site, its 7 and 8 Euros respectively! Just going through the program, I am intrigued - so many interesting things - do take a look!