Blog #17: For Mother's Day: Tell (Earth) Stories and Plant Trees!

May 6, 2021 
Monika Weber-Fahr
This sunday is mother’s day in Austria! (And yes, it does take place on different days in different countries ;-)) For this week’s Living Light blog, we had originally thought to reflect on the many motherly concepts surrounding the Earth in mythology, poetry, and music as well as, increasingly so, in law and economics. But then we came across something so specific and Austrian that we had to share it with you today instead!
The Austrian MotherEarth Initiative ( has launched a Tell Your Story campaign, and they convinced the Austrian Forest Agency to plant a tree for each and every story submitted. All are invited to submit stories! They are looking for positive stories that relate to climate protection, biodiversity protection, or more generally to mindfulness with our planet and its resources. The stories should be short. The maximum length is 2500 characters, somewhere between 300 and 600 words (about the length of this blog). To collect and process the stories well, the organizers have gotten together with a professional: Story.One.
There is a catch: You must submit your story before May 25, just two weeks from now.

Picture: is looking for positive stories on protecting the climate, protecting diversity and minding our planet.
Once you submit your story, the Austrian Forest Agency will plant your tree. They promised! Also nice: Your story may make it into a book - to be published on June 6! The MutterErde initiative is a campaign supported by the Austrian National Television (ORF) as well as all major environmental organizations in Austria - it’s all very fast and very legit, and this year’s theme is Protect the Climate - Protect Diversity.  It’s all about awareness raising - and everyone has a chance to contribute! 
So, what story could you write?  The website invites happy stories, sad ones, funny or odd ones, whatever you think might move or inspire others.  Story topics could range between How I never managed to build a hotel for insects to Taking the train to Lisbon, or they could cover My new CO2 neutral hobbies: Birdwatching and Treehugging.  The main point: The story should move others, inspire and feel alive.

The Austrian Forest Agency has promised to plant a tree for each story submitted! Tempted?
Now the big hairy question: Will they accept stories in English? Interestingly enough, the submission requirements do not seem to specify the language in which you are to submit your story. So we think German may not be necessary. Having said that, feel free to send us your stories at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. If you get them to us with some notice, we will translate them and send them back to you in German for you to submit! And if you are ok with that, we may also publish stories from Christ Church community members in other ways: through the magazine, the website, or otherwise.
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