Blog #12: Easter Is Coming

March 31, 2021
Monika Weber-Fahr
Easter is coming! And with it, comes hot cross buns and eggs. Most of our Easter customs, I am gladly noting on behalf of our Living Light blog, have a low environmental footprint. Easter may not only be the celebration of the Lord’s resurrection, but also a fabulously light feast in terms of the earthly things that come along with it.
Nevertheless, the Internet is full of good ideas for low impact Easter celebrations and so we are sharing some of the most commonly found tips and tricks here. Some of them are about the chocolate eggs, particularly if these come with foil or plastic wrappers and additional boxes or bags. It’s easy to be mindful here, and in fact Vienna has many specialized chocolate and sweet stores where you can buy your Easter goodies one by one, selecting only those that you will actually eat, amongst them Bea’s Feinstes on Wollzeile, Leschanz behind the Stephansdom, and others. There will probably also be fair trade options to consider too.

Baking your own Hot Cross Buns rather than purchasing in bulk (not too easy anyways here in Vienna) is a great way for to celebrate Easter with a light ecological footprint.
Then there are decorations. Many of us will have a box stored someplace, with many pretty little bunnies, flowers, or chicklets that we bought 15 or 20 or 30 years ago. They come out now during this week before the big feast, populating desks and sideboards, bringing festive spirits and a smile. But a tip for those who are still to stock up or add to their collection: Instead of the cheaper plastic decorations, do consider wood or other recyclable materials. When looking for nonplastic decorations in Vienna, often your local florist will have something for you. And you may want to consider checking out the Naschmarkt’s flea market section or your neighbourhood antique store, reusing others’ decorations is a great contribution to our planet. Finally, of course, there is the do-it-yourself option.
And finally, the Easter Eggs. Those of you who have picked up on Austrian traditions may want to check out using natural colors this year. Dying your eggs with onion skins, cabbage, or other such things can be quite the hoot. Enjoy!
Wishing you all a happy and LIGHT Easter!