Blog #130: Poems from the Road

August 24, 2023
Diana Dopheide
Just visited Ayers Rock.
Amazing sight with waterfalls .
A wonder to see.

Rosalind Shakespear
This bright Czech morning
sunlight on stubbled gold fields
and Motorrad joy.

Maria Christina Krier
The summer is here,
Buzzing, humming birds and bees
And on this heart, peace.

These beautiful summer haikus were sent to us in response to the Living Light Blog's invitation to our community members to share summer-related reflections on God's creation or on efforts in creation-keeping. Normally, we publish one such haiku every week - but also our publisher took things slow in early August. So today, we all get to enjoy three haikus at the same time! Haikus are a short form of poetry, originally from Japan. Traditionally, they consist of three phrases - the first one with five syllabi, the second one with seven syllabi, and the third with five syllabi again. We will continue publishing summer poetry through early September and then be back to our normal schedule. Feeling inspired? Want to share an idea for a future Blog? Do send us an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..