Blog #86: A Poem about Haikus for Creation

September 8, 2022
Rosalind Shakespear

This moment in time/
Through the alchemy of words/
Captured yet set free.

This poem is the last in our blog's summer series of Haikus, a series we called "Living Light in Summertime" and with which we replaced our regular weekly blog during vacation time. For 10 weeks, our readers contributed all kinds of Haikus, reflecting on God's creation or on efforts in Creation-keeping. Rosalind's poem here is the last one - concluding the cycle aptly in that it reflects with appreciation on the magic that happens when writing.  "Thank you for the Haiku Project", Rosalind wrote to the EcoChurch team when sending in her poem. "It has given some of us easily accessible creative possibilities, really enjoyable!".  In this spirit, many thanks to everyone who contributed!
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