Blog #74: E-Mobility in Vienna - Easy to Check Out until Sunday

June 16th, 2022
Monika Weber-Fahr
Yes, yes, yes - I know: Electric cars are not the (only) solution for keeping climate change at bay.  But - even as we walk more, cycle more, use public transport more, zoom and find other ways of connecting, consuming and producing - cars will in all likelihood remain part of our future. So why not go out and inform ourselves? Check out what’s in store? Find out how to get what you might be looking for? And get ideas about the agencies and programs that are there to help you in all this.
This week(end) is the time for such endeavors: Yesterday, on the Vienna Rathausplatz the Wiener Elektrotage 2022 - the Vienna E-Mobility Show 2022 (loose translation) opened their doors, inviting visitors respectively between 11:00 and 21:00 every day through Sunday (Sunday only until 19:00). There you will be able to find answers to a lot of your questions about electric this-that-and-the other - including questions you probably did not know you had. 
Big toys are for big boys (and girls), and I admit, most of the E-Mobility show is about promoting electric cars. It’s no surprise, of course, given that the event has been organized by the Porsche Media & Creative company.  But let’s be fair: So many of us still not have seen a proper electric car from the inside - and we are curious! The brands presenting their products on the Rathausplatz include AUDI, CUPRA, Fiat, KIA, Porsche, ŠKODA, Toyota, and VW.  But there are also Motorcycle brands such as KTM, Seat Mo’, and Vespa/Piaggio, as well as organizations such as Porsche’s car-sharing venture Sharetoo, the Austrian Auto Club (ÖAMTC) and the Technical University of Vienna. Interestingly, on the Rathausplatz, you will also be able to learn more about batteries, charging stations, where to find them or where to put them yourself - and about the developments expected in the coming years, both in terms of technology and in terms of prices and availability. 
You’ll never be able to buy one, the best of all husbands told me soberly this morning. He had a point - and it's not only about budget: For a variety of reasons, the waiting times for electric cars are tremendously - if not ridiculously - long.  Quite a few electric cars cannot even be ordered at all at this point, many others come with wait times lasting a year or longer. The german-speaking Autobild came out with a rather disappointing list of wait times a few weeks ago, confirming this to be a major issue for practically all brands, even though more so for the smaller than the larger cars. On the other hand: let’s go to the Rathausplatz and hear what the brands there have to say.

Picture: Cool-looking new e-van by Volkswagen, is this the future of driving? Worthwhile a visit on the Rathausplatz.  Source: Promotional website for the event.
But are electric cars even green?  A few months ago, I listened to a really interesting little podcast to this end, produced by the Folgewirkung series of the Austrian Klima und Energiefonds, a legitimate source of information. The calculus they presented was very convincing: A small electric car, deployed well and over many years, using electricity drawn mainly from renewable resources, has a super-small environmental footprint, even when considering production cost end-to-end (including raw materials for batteries etc). On the other hand, a large electric car - heavy and inefficient in energy use, driven in countries where electricity is generated with a big share of coal or oil - really is not terribly green. Many of the analyses that you will find online do not take such a differentiated view, often simply discarding electric cars for the environmental footprint of their production or batteries. It’s worthwhile checking the details!
One last and perhaps more personal point: E-Mobility can be serious fun! A few months ago, I test-drove one of the larger motorcycles on offer by Seat Mo’. The acceleration was incredible! And the feeling of gliding - practically without noise - along countryside roads, in fact fast-gliding at 100 km/h: priceless, as a well-known advertising campaign would say!  So at minimum: Check out test-drive options and go have some fun!
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