Blog #34: Living Light in Summertime

September 2, 2021
Christ Church Vienna community members
This is the last of our "summer haikus" - composed by parishioners and readers during July and August - instead of the regular Living Light blogs that you normally find in this place. Throughout these weeks, many moments of joy or reflection in caring for creation have been shared, described as thoughts or observations, respectively in three lines, the first one with five syllables, the second one with seven syllables, the third with five syllables again. Enjoy this last one for now!
Cloudy, Windy, Wet /
Yet, looking on the bright side /
Beautiful Rainbows.

On my way back from a long walk, I stopped on the bridge to have a bit of rest and watch a ship loaded with people enjoying masks-free times with some drinks in their hands and soft music in the background. The young boy and his mother walking behind me had slowed down. Suddenly I heard the mother called the boy “Harry, hurry up so we can reach home before Ben arrives”. Harry shouted “No, mama look”. I turned and saw the boy pointing towards the sky – it was the Rainbow. Oh, what a beautiful thing to look at.

Picture: A picture of a rainbow - taken at another time - across the roofs of Vienna.
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