Blog #19: A long long night at Christ Church - and across town ...

May 20, 2021 
Rosie Evans
A long Long Night at Christ Church is coming your way, no joke! You may want to mark Friday, May 28th, in your calendars …  The LivingLight Blog is bringing Christ Church’s participation in Vienna’s Lange Nacht der Kirchen (the Long Night of the Churches) to you because this year’s focus is all about Taking Care of Creation (Bewahrung der Schoepfung). Psalm 104:20  “.. and you made the darkness, so the animals in the forest could come out at night” provides the overall setting. And indeed, there is lots to check out all over town. Our very own Christ Church Vienna will be offering Animal Blessings on the Go, hoping to see visits by those that own and love animals, between 6pm and 9pm, to have their pets blessed and explore our church and what we are about. For those interested, a prayer service will be offered at 8:30 pm. Pet-less but curious? You are welcome, too, of course! Do drop by, with or without a pet ;-).

Next Friday, May 28, everyone is invited to come by for a Blessing on the Go for their pets, anytime between 6 and 9pm; the Church will remain open for visitors and informal chats until 10pm.
What is The Long Night of the Churches? Simply put, it's an initiative designed to give people the chance to explore neighbourhood churches, easy come easy go. It’s a chance to discover new things, meet new people, exchange ideas and, as the website says, to be surprised!
The programme here at Christ Church is designed to be fit for all the family, including your much beloved pets! If you want to join us straight away at 6pm, you can participate in an opening prayer. Then between 6.15pm and 8.30pm, the doors - either in the church or out in the church garden, weather-permitting - remain open for anyone to bring their animals to be blessed or to just come for a chat. There will also be an EcoChurch/CreationKeepers information stand throughout the evening, staffed by Rosie, Monika, and hopefully a few others. The event will close at 8.30pm with a short service. And, if that wasn’t enough, the church itself is open from 6pm until 10pm for anyone to come and visit and have a conversation with one of the team.
Across town, churches offer many different events and opportunities to get to know them, from singalongs to concerts and tours. Check out the programme for more information (mostly in German)! One great opportunity worth mentioning is the Hearonymus Audio Guide app. This audio guide will take you through a choice of three walks around the city of Vienna, prepared by art historian and Austrian guide Julia Strobl. You can view the details on the website. It does seem like a great way to spend your Friday evening!
Never heard about the Long Night of the Churches before? Don’t feel embarrassed, it is particular to the German-speaking parts of the world. Initiated in Germany in 1995, the first Austrian Lange Nacht der Kirchen was held in 2005, mainly in churches in the city of Vienna. Since then, more and more churches in Austria have become involved and even churches in neighbouring countries now offer a similar event! For obvious reasons, this year’s Long Night of the Churches will be slightly different to previous ones, with strict Corona Rules in place, but nevertheless there is still lots of fun to be had! And what’s more, for the first time since its founding, the organisers have put together a very fun and interesting magazine! From nature and plants, to church buildings, bells and organs, the magazine is available to read online (in German), has lots of great information and take-aways, and is very beautifully and thoughtfully put together.
Don’t miss out on checking out at least one or two amongst the vast array of events and activities available to you on Friday, May 28, at the Long Night of the Churches. It is well worth having a further look at the website, and seeing what you might like to visit that evening! Let us know if you end up visiting any of the places listed - we’d love to hear of your experiences! And don’t forget to pop into Christ Church and say hello to us! Bis bald!
Want to be part of Christ Church Vienna's CreationKeepers? Got some ideas for us? Suggestions or questions? Please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We'd love to hear from you...!