Christ Church Quintet
The concert is planned to be hybrid (in the church, max capacity 38 people, and live-streamed) at 19.00 CET. Time and options are subject to change with the restrictions in Vienna.

In 2019, Christ Church launched its Inspired service on Sunday evening, a traditional Anglican service of Holy Communion with less-than-traditional music. The music, a mix of standard and more modern jazz, is provided by the Christ Church Quintet, the church's in house jazz band. The musicians have spent a lot of time playing together and, thanks to the church's investment in equipment and the assistance of Heidi Bobal at Room 66, and also recorded a few albums. Thank you for listening!

VOCALS Johanna Cabili-Reuss
SAXOPHONE Peter Kyriakos
DRUMS Asen Mihaylov
BASS Alex Putz
PIANO Robert S. Kinney

Over the years, we have been fortunate to have had friends like Oliver Knappl and Martin Melzer join us on the bass, as well well as longtime member of the church, Carole Alston, on vocals. For upcoming jazz services and concerts, please check back here or contact the Church Office.

Inspired I Inspired II Christmas (Inspired)